Library :

Prescribed textbooks and reference books for all the subjects are available in the library.

a). Total number of Books available : 14,600

b). Journals

1. Educational Review
2. Journal of Educational Research and Extension
3. Perspectives in Education
4. Experiments in Education
5. New Frontiers in Education
6. Quest in Education
7. Journal of Indian Writing in English
8. Mathematics Education
9. Progress of Education
10. Edutrack

31.08.09 Muthamizh Vizha.

20.08.09 Voter Awarness

Former President of India

Mr.Anthasayanan Iyengar,
Speaker, First Indian Lokhsabha, New Delhi.

Mr.Silvertongued Srinivasa Shastri,
Former VC of Annamalai University

Sri. R. Venkataraman,
Former President of India

Dr.Vishvanathan G,

Thiru N.D.Sundaravadivelu,
Director of Public Instruction, Former VC of Madras University

Former, Director of Collegiate Education, & Former VC of Madurai Kamarajar University

Prof. V.T. Titus,
Former Director of Collegiate Education.

Thiru M.D Paul,
Former Director of School Education
All the succeeding Directors of School Education,Tamil Nadu.

Former Director and Former VC of Central University,Pondicherry

Director of Collegiate Education.

Former Director of School Education.

Member, TNPSC.

Thiru Kulasekaran,
Director of School Education