Institute of Advanced Study in Education, Saidapet, Chennai-15, popularly known as Teachers í College is the premier Teacher Training institution in our country and the first of its kind in Asia. IASE is also the largest Teacher Training Center in TamilNadu. Its origin is to be traced back to the Government Normal School started in Vepery in 1856. The affiliation of the Normal School with the University of Madras in 1887 marks the next important milestone in its history. The institution then came, to be called the Teachersí College and the college was shifted to Saidapet the present premises the same year. The college building was constructed in 1889. In 1949, the Tamil Panditsí Training section was added to this College. In 1949, the Collegiate Teachersí Certificate course was started for Secondary grade teachers with a degree. In 1952, this Collegiate Teachersí Certificate course was affiliated to the University of Madras and came to be known as the Shortened B. T. Course. M. Ed. Class on Inter-collegiate basis was introduced in the college in 1953
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